ROCKENBOLE Release ‘Der Teufel spielt den Rock’n’Roll’

Founded in 2005, the band fought bravely for years in small clubs and at parties in their home town. A breakthrough did not happen. New songs were needed ! It wasn’t until 2016 that the three guys from Hamburg left the streets and took the time for a first studio album, “Alles kann, nichts muss”, which showed the band’s potential for the first time. More people came to the concerts, whether punk rockers, hard rockers, everyone was enthusiastic about the rock’n’roll show, but the songs were not quite where they should be.

At the beginning of 2019, more intensive work was done on new songs. Drummer Kay suddenly started playing new beats, so there was room for Krilles guitar, which hadn’t existed before. Olli put his old passion for lyrics into the songs with the newly gained motivation.

Then a studio was searched which could realize the whole thing and had to fulfill the condition to understand the music and the passion. The search turned out to be difficult until the Absurd Studio in Hamburg was found. The studio already mixed several well-known bands, and owner and master Schroedey, who himself has caused a sensation in rock projects like BLACK WATER COMPLEX and HAMMER DEICH, was quickly won over for the new project. The new album “Der Teufel spielt den Rock’n’Roll” was released in spring 2020, with which Rockenbolle now want to enthuse his audience.

The response to the new album surprised the guys from Hamburg, who rarely came out of Northern Germany to play…for the first time enthusiastic listeners from abroad joined in…the captivating rock of the guys could be heard all the way to Australia. For the future the band is planning another album and is already working hard. “We love Rock’n’Roll”, says Olli, and you can feel that with every single song on the new album.

Band Line-Up:
Krille – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Olli – Bass, Vocals
Kay – Drums

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