Rockenbolle – Der Teufel spielt den Rock´n´Roll Review

The kind of crazy and weird world we live in. Rules say that Heavy Metal is the genre where guitar solos reign while in Punk Rock they are disdained or, at least, diminished. Ok, than, but what has happened to the many so-called Heavy Metal bands that willingly abolished guitar solos? How about the Punk Rock bands that happily  I’m not really sure if the word happy applies to any kind of Punk music – added them to their music?

Well, answers later.

What sparked my attention this album was the name of the band. Yeah, believe it or not. Sometimes I link to a band via its name. Don’t blame me! Rockenbolle is at least an odd name whatever it means as I have no clue of German language. Besides all that, of course, I read the release saying that it was a Punk band. As you know, I give my time to Punk bands once in a while and I have to say that “Der Teufel spielt den Rock´n´Roll” was the last drop pf water to make me wonder the things I wrote in the beginning of this review. Well, in fact not only tham, but also other albums that I reviewed here. But whatever.

“Der Teufel spielt den Rock´n´Roll” is full of people call today Punk’n’roll, a term that now I see what it means. Thanks to Rockenbolle fold and the powerhouse “Der Teufel spielt den Rock´n´Roll” whose energy spreads all over. It’s very difficult to stay put while listening to it. The album has great and contagious songs with those catchy Punk choruses. “Der Teufel spielt den Rock´n´Roll” isn’t only about rage and wraith, but also some disdain and mockery two words that mean a lot in Punk world. A highlight to “Ueberschallblues” that sounds like Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades” in German and to “Nothing Is Real” which has the same Motörhead driven powerhouse. well, I guess it’s fair to simply resume the album to these two songs. In fact, there are other tracks that are worth mention as opening track “Fear in My Balls” and “Rock Bitch.”

The fan will feel here again that proud to play rock. Rockenbolle feel that way what is kind of intriguing because we all know that the Punk movement was a reaction against rock and everything related to stardom and excesses. But, whatever, the music is good.

Rockenbolle “Der Teufel spielt den Rock´n´Roll” was released on July 10th via Liekedeler Musikverlag.

Track Listing:

  1. Fear in my Balls
  2. Rock Bitch
  3. Der Teufel spielt den Rock’n’Roll
  4. Peacemaker
  5. Jenseits der Stille
  6. Bestie Mensch
  7. Roadcrew
  8. Ueberschallblues
  9. Nothing is Real
  10. Way of Life
  11. Nicht dein Tag
  12. R.A.M.O.N.E.S

Watch “Nicht dein Tag” official video here: