Rogga Johansson – Entrance to the Otherwhere

If you’re looking for some standard Death Metal, please keep away from Rogga Johansson and “Entrance to the Otherwhere.” Here is an album that is everything but standard and each track is a surprise to hardcore and die-hard fans.

First track “The Re-emergers” sounds a bit Melodic Death Metal with some guitar interventions that give a melancholic mood to it. Rogga Johansson show an incredible ability to have very catchy and neat instrumentals that make fans bang at large with a smile in their faces. Following track, “Till Bergets Puls,” maintains the same grip until the very end when an unexpected electronic effect that, in fact, enlarges the perspectives opened by the band and add an interesting sonic texture to the song. By only two samples it’s possible to notice that Rogga Johansson and “Entrance to the Otherwhere” are kind of breakthrough band and album. The very interesting melodic guitar interventions are the staplers to “Entrance to the Otherwhere” because they give the special touch a band has to give the fans.

The real surprise comes when “Berget Vaknar” starts to roll in your player with a sweet, and mesmerizing, piano sequence that starts with some birds and other natural sound effects. “Berget Vaknar” is clearly a track that distunes from all the others in the album until then. There is another surprising track by the end of “Entrance to the Otherwhere” which is the moody and cadenced “In The Grip Of Garpedans” with, again, a very interesting guitar work. “In The Grip Of Garpedans” is successfully at the same time heavy and strong with the right doses of melody.

Rogga Johansson are a band with the compromise of surprising the fan and pull through the boundaries of their music. Of course, “Entrance to the Otherwhere” isn’t an experimental album, but it does have some elements of one that are added little by little not to scare the fan. What you’ll find here is a bold Death Metal band which includes bold moves to a Death Metal band, although I think Death Metal is much less hardcore than it was before which gives them an important mission of keeping the Metal faith alive and rolling.

Rogga Johansson “Entrance to the Otherwhere” was released on July 19th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1.  The Re-Emergers
  2. Till Bergets Puls
  3. When the Otherwhere Opens
  4. Giants Walking at Night
  5. As Evil Seeps Out
  6. Berget Vaknar
  7. Entrance to the Otherwhere
  8. A Journey into Fear
  9. In the Grip of Garpedans

Watch “Entrance to Otherwhere” official lyric video: