ROGUE Share Lead Single ‘Meta’ Off Instrumental Re-Release Of EP, Anomaly

Rogue Band

ROGUE is a four-piece group from the Louisiana cities Lafayette and New Orleans that exists for the sole purpose of pushing the envelope in the progressive metalcore genre. With head-spinning riffs and vocals that perfect the balance between heavy and ethereal, the band presents patterns that will shift your reality and have you questioning everything you think you know.

Today, they announce an instrumental re-release of their acclaimed EP, Anomaly – set for release August 30th.

Meta (Instrumental) was planned from the outset of the original release of Anomaly in February 2019. Coming from an instrumental band, guitarist Jeffrey Fisher has that instrumental reputation and marketing background that we felt would allow our guitar playthroughs to excel.

Fast forward to July 2019. ROGUE began entering the studio to record the follow-up to Anomaly when Hurricane Barry was headed for the Gulf Coast. Because of this, vocal tracking was forced to be canceled, causing the band’s plans to be postponed by several months. Rather than appear inactive for the next few months, we decided to go all out in our marketing efforts with an instrumental version of the Anomaly record in an attempt to appease current fans of the band and to continue carving our way through the niche that our music occupies. Listen below.