RONNIE JAMES DIO Would Be ‘Pissed’ About His Hologram, Says DOUG ALDRICH

Former DIO guitarist Doug Aldrich – also known for his longtime tenure with Whitesnake – talked about the Ronnie James Dio hologram, telling White Line Fever during a recent interview:

“I would like to see it myself, just to see it. I love hearing those songs, I love Ronnie, so that would be cool.

“But I think Ronnie would be pissed. I think so. Ronnie would be like, ‘C’mon, let me be dead in peace!’ Ronnie was a no-frills guy. He was not down for stuff like that.”

Aldrich added that Prince‘s ex-guitarist Wendy Melvoin believes her late boss would feel the same about the whole hologram idea, saying:

“At the Super Bowl, they had a half-time thing with Princ. A big curtain came down and there was a projection of Prince. It was, like, 300 feet (90 m) tall. It was really cool, I thought.

“My neighbor is the old guitar player for Prince, Wendy. She had gotten her son a basketball hoop and was trying to assemble it by herself. I hadn’t met her yet. I went over and said, ‘You need a hand, I think,’ and she’s, like, ‘Yeah, yeah. I don’t know how the hell… There’s all these parts.’

“We built this hoop for her together, and I said, ‘Oh, by the way, what do you think Prince would think about that?’ She goes, ‘He’d hate it – hate, hate it!’

“But I thought [the Prince projection] was great, so I’d love to see the hologram thing. I just hope they get it to be bigger than life because that’s how Ronnie was.”