ROSS THE BOSS Wants To See K.K. Downing Back In JUDAS PRIEST

Ross the Boss K.K. Downing

Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice spoke to former MANOWAR guitarist Ross The Boss about his upcoming performance with former JUDAS PRIEST guitarist K.K. Downing at Bloodstock on August 11, 2019, his thoughts on MANOWAR‘s Hellfest cancellation, the Ross the Boss upcoming album and tour dates.

Talking about how the Ross The Boss Band and K.K. Downing upcoming performance came about: “We have a friend of the band called Steve Goldby who runs,  he’s a really great guy he inducted me into the Hall of Heavy Metal History at Wacken.  I go Steve you want to help me get press at BloodStock Festival in the UK for Ross The Boss Band and he goes all right, okay. All of a sudden Steve says K.K. Downing is his friend and I said he should come to Bloodstock and hang out with us.

“The next thing you know we were talking about asking K.K. to come play with us a few songs. Steve then goes that’s a f*cking brilliant idea, let’s do it. Steve makes a call, pitches the idea and says K.K. is really interested, so it’s going to happen.”

When asked on why Downing left PRIEST, he responded: “I don’t know anything about what went down between K.K. and the band and I hope one day it could be solved matter. Fact it’s my ulterior motive to bring K.K Downing out and get him playing again and maybe back to where he belongs in JUDAS PRIEST.

I don’t know anything about what happened with him and JUDAS PRIEST it’s none of my business. It’s it’s sad that sh*t happens like that especially when things are so good.  I love all the Judas Priest  members  I love Richie, I love Andy, I love ScottRob, I  love the band I love their music and i wish them all the best. “

He also said that they will perform “three of four JUDAS PRIEST songs with K.K“: “We don’t have a ton of time we got like an hour plus so we will play three or four JUDAS PRIEST songs with K.K. We just want K.K. to come out and get some love from the audience he deserves it, he’s a father of Heavy Metal.

“I know he’s a bit nervous but that’s to be expected, but we will do everything for him to make him feel as comfortable as possible and let him play his guitar, let him do what he does. At the end of the day I hope that this gives them the motivation to get him back into JUDAS PRIEST.

Glen is not there now and I think that K.K. belongs there now, if they could mend the fences. We’re not spring chickens anymore, life is too short at this point and I think that before someone goes or something tragic happens I would love to see K.K. back in JUDAS PRIEST. I would love to put some good vibes out there to him and so maybe there would be a chance that something could happen and I think the fans would love it.”

You can watch entire interview below.