ROYAL BLOOD Frontman Gives Middle Fingers To The Crowd And Calls Them ‘Pathetic’ (Video)

Royal Blood Middle Fingers

Fans have criticized rock band ROYAL BLOOD for walking off stage while gesturing with two middle fingers, after calling out the “pathetic” audience. The incident took place at the Radio 1 Big Weekend show in Dundee, Scotland on Sunday, where the band failed to impress the crowd.

At the start of their performance, the lead singer Mike Kerr asked the crowd whether they liked rock music, but only a few people responded to his question. This lack of enthusiasm seemed to affect the band’s energy and performance. During the rest of the set, the audience’s response was weak, and Kerr even asked a cameraman to applaud for them.

The band eventually reached their limit and exited the stage while making a gesture with their two middle fingers directed towards the audience.