Royal Glam – A’n’E

I won’t deny I love all kinds of Metal that some people in the distant past used to call False Metal. Manowar were the band which started with this joke and it kind of backfired. Okay, then, I picked Royal Glam just because the Glam Metal it was promised by the press-release. It’s no shame at all. Don’t you dare… At first I thought I would get a band like Posion or Ratt, but it got even better. Royal Glam have their feet stringly based on the 1970s Glam Metal that bands as Sweet used to do mixed with some 1980s features which gave them a special sonancy. Some serious party band here.

I know many fans look the other side when I say that. Pure prejudice, if you ask me. “A’n’E” is heavy and fun at the same time. Ah, by the way, it’s also very well perfomed too. The combination of open chords riffing with the power chords with lots of overdrive makes the songs sound at the same time vintage and top notch. Yeah, I say so. Vocalist Steffan Denton has a voice and way of singing that remind a little Aerosmith’s  Steven Tyler with a little more debauchery. This debauchery is the ingredient that makes Royal Glam’s music even more tasteful. The fan will notice that at last, but at not least, track “Revenge” shows it pretty well. The high pitvhed voice he gives in the end sounds as a mockery, but it fits dang perfectly with the slow and balladish cadence of the song. Hard Rock/Glam Metal a.k.a. Hair Metal fans will also notice some generous doses of The Cult “Eletric” era in “Emergency” and other songs as well. From where I’m sitting just great references.

From the beginning with “Devile o’ Woman” the fan feels something different with the band. The heavy riffing and the vocals reminds a little The Darkness with the high pitched screams vocalist Steffan Denton does all the time. But the guitar riffing is contagious enough with the fast drumming that makes the fan headbangs at large. The way the guitar solo bursts is also a highlight igniting all th audience. “A’n’E” is a lot of fun, it contains lots of fun if you ask me. Second track “Ain’t Gotta Scratch on You” has a pretty 1970ish guitar riffing. I love the way this guitar screams.

The only problem with “A’n’E” is that we don’t know if Royal Glam really mean it, but who cares after all if the music is so good?

P.S. – Great album cover, guys!

Royal Glam “A’n’E” was independently released on June 19th.

Track Listing:

  1. Devile o’ Woman
  2. Ain’t Gotta Scratch on You
  3. Emergency
  4. Business ’n’ Pleasure
  5. Whispers of the Ocean
  6. Vendetta
  7. Revenge

Watch “Devile o’ Woman” official lyric video here: