Ruadh – The Rock from the Clyde

Here we’ve got the second Atmospheric Black Metal band in a role. The main feeling in this effort and features are almost the same of the band before, but, of course, there are notable differences because the two bands are very competent and skillful. Ruadh with “The Rock from the Clyde” are much more melodic than progressive, but the prone for folk subjects are just the same. The approach is a bit different, though. Ruadh could be considered a Folk Black Metal band in the likes of Cruachan and their Celtic Folk Black Metal. I guess it is a valid comparison due to the celtic folk elements they both combine in their music. Aside that, “The Rock from the Clyde” has also lots of medieval elements as in the title track with a clean and well-tuned voice and the background choir. The guitar sounds pretty ancient songs made up for bards or troubadors. The elements here are pretty much more subtle than the Black Metal fan is used to. Ruadh use their elements with lots of subtlety. This subtlety almost took the banf from the Black Metal labeling inasmuch I’m not really comfortable with it. But, then, when the fan is getting used to this subtlety all hell breaks loose by the seventh minute to remember veryone that this is a Black Metal band.

I know some might crucify me for what I’ll tell, but I noticed some pop elements in Ruadh music. However, they don’t invalidate the music. It’s not only the aforementioned subtlety, but the way the band conducts the most intimate moments with a very delicate touch. My cfan might not know, but I also got some resemblance in “Fields of Heather” with another scottish band called Big Country – Youtube this band my child of the night. You may be surprised. The same neat work with the melodic guitar phrasing conducting the song. The big difference is the death growls. Ruadh have the same care with the guitars. Now the classical guitar intro in the following track “Only Distant Echoes Reign – Part 1” a very difference mood. Here the band shows another facete incorporating classical features in their music with the brazen and fragile sabattish flute that comes in the middle of the song. The delicate and powerful features at the same time are broken by an unexpected harsh and strong vocals changing everything. Here’s an album that gives the fan a lot of hidden surprises.

Ruadh “The Rock from the Clyde” will be released on May 22nd.

Track Listing:

  1. Embers
  2. The Rock of the Clyde
  3. Winters Light
  4. Fields of Heather
  5. Only Distant Echoes Reign (Part 1)
  6. Only Distant Echoes Reign (Part 2)

Watch “Embers” official lyric video here: