Runemaster – Wanderer

It’s so bad to be bad in giving examples, but when I have an Epic Power Metal band I can just remember Omen to speak out for me. But, on second thought, giving it  deeper thought Iced Earth are a good example as well, but this is not the case with Runemaster “Wanderer.” The thing is that vocalist Guv’s imposed voice remembers much more Omen’s J. D. Kimball in “Battle Cry” era than Iced Earth even though there are resemblances. By the way, my gosh, the resemblence is impressive especially when it comes about first track “Raven Lord.” I guess though that the fan will strange a little his voice in the beginning, but then on he gets used to it. It’s very interesting to pay attention on how the guy imposes and puts his voice away throughout the album. It requires a great deal of technique.

From where I’m sitting, I just love Epic Power Metal. I guess I like it even more than Power Metal only. I mean I like the effort of sounding stronger and wiht greater emotion so each note is carefully thought and put in order to sound bigger. I guess bigger is the word that fits better the effort Epic Power Metal bands do. I guess all Epic Metal bands. For instance, the bass sound in “Hagalaz” is pretty metalic and precise giving the song the needed ingredient to make it sound better. It strikes pretty well the big sonancy desired by the band. ah, by the way, the effect of the growing tempo in the end sounds fantastic. I guess because it gives the song a closure when vocalist Guv comes againg to the last rhymes of it.

“Wanderer” is an album that might please all metallers due to the intense music it presents. In some ways the band gets the road to be near Queensrÿche in the “Warning” era when the band could be at the same time Progressive and Epic. Just a remind, it is not that the music represented by the short and acoustic “The Blood Dimmed Tide” and the catchy, but still powerful “Inscription in Metal” here remind Queensrÿche a little enough to be quoted.

There are albums that oblige me to listen carefully to them for more than twice. It was the case here. Not only by a certain leap of destiny, but because the album is very good.

Runemaster “Wanderer” will be released on July 10th via Rafchild Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Raven Lord
  2. Hagalaz
  3. The Blood Dimmed Tide
  4. Inscription in Metal
  5. Pyres of Heathen Kings
  6. Helm of Awe
  7. Mannaz (Immortal Journey of the Chainless Mind)
  8. Maelstrom
  9. The Hidden Force
  10. Rider of the Nine
  11. Ascendant Lunar Runes

Watch “Raven Lord” official video here: