Running Death – DressAge

I generally don’t care about labels given to bands, but I wouldn’t say Running Death are a thrash metal band. Let me make myself clear, the music contained in “DressAge” is so varied, so full of rhythm, and so rich that this label doesn’t fit well. Of course there are some thrashy moments like “Numbers,” with its old school bass lines and vocals; “Refuse To Kill” has its moments, specially on the choruses and lyrics, and “Delusive Silence”, which in the beginning reminds a little “Metal Militia”. Also the cover art is a very german thrash school one. Labels can be very deceiving sometimes.

On second thought, if we think Running Death as thrash metal band inspired on Metallica and Megadeth’s steps to the stardom, I mean the final 1980s years and the beginning of the 1990s, it would fit better. I guess that would fit perfectly. “DressAge” is an effort that could easily rivalize them that time. Songs like “Safety Second” are so fantasticly written and show a richness of colors and textures that are very hard to find.

I’d rather think on Running Death as an ongoing band, a band that is evolving fast. Singer Simon Bihlmayer and guitarist Daniel Baar do a fantastic job here. Very resourcefull musicians that can fill an entire album with sound and not making “DressAge” sound repetitive. Or boring. Take the opening track, “Courageous Minds”, as an example. Fine piece of Metal work. The vocal distinct moments on “Beneath The Surface” are Simon Bihlmayer best moments in “DressAge”. I don’t know why it reminds me a lot Running Wild. Simon Bihlmayer and Daniel Baar show everything they’ve got in “Anthem Of Madness”, an instrumental track. There are still some moments of some melodic peace and quiet as in “Heroes Of The Hour”.

I have to say that I really liked “DressAge”.

Track Listing:

  1. Courageous Minds
  2. DressAge
  3. Delusive Silence
  4. Heroes Of The Hour
  5. Duty Of Beauty
  6. Numbers
  7. Beneath The Surface
  8. Anthem Of Madness
  9. Safety Second
  10. Refuse To Kill

You can watch “Courageous Minds” official video here: