RUSH’S GEDDY LEE on Performing ‘La Villa Strangiato’: ‘It Was beyond Us’

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Yeah, my child of the night, even the masters have their moments of faltering. Geddy Lee was asked by The Guardian about their “Hemispheres'” most famous track “La Villa Strangiato (An Exercise of Self Indugence)”. Take a look on what he said:

“That was a song where I would have to say our ideas exceeded our ability to play them. We thought: ‘We’re going to write this long piece and then we’ll just record it live off the floor and boom!'”

“But it was really difficult. It was beyond us. I included it here because it surprised me how popular that song was among our fans. They just love it when we go into that crazy mode.”

“Yes, it is an indulgence, but it seemed to be a pivotal moment for us in creating a fan base that wanted us to be that way.”