Rusty Bonez – Wrath

This Rusty Bonez “Wrath” begins deceptive. I mean, the intro is completely different from what is to come. It sounds much more as a 1970 jazz rock or something than a furious 1990ish influenced stoner rock. Thinking to myself here, if “Wrath” were released 20 years ago, I guess rock would be saved. I say that because “Wrath” has everything that lacked in most 1990 rock releases. Bottomline, it is strong and honest with a good guitar player. “Wrath” does not sound plastic, artificial as most efforts from the 1990s. It is the real deal.

Some songs are remarkable as “Scream of Souls” and “Burn the Sun” with a good and guitar vocal performance. Rusty Bonez are a band that are not ashamed, or should I say afraid, of guitar soloing. “Wrath” is full of them. Kostas Karapetsas is a resourceful and skilled rock guitarist with some Metal techniques. He also knows how to chose a vibrant tone to his guitar. It sure does not sound opaque and dead within a wave of effects. It is vibrant, of livid colors – funny to write colors, but it expresses very well the idea. He has some good riffing too. Listen to “Nameless Hero,” a mix between Alice In Chains and Soundgarden. “Nameless Hero” also presents a good, and creative, bass line too.

I wish “Wrath” were released 20 ago. Honestly. Things would come in a different way. But back then no one, I mean the majors, would release something like Rusty Bonez. Too heavy, to good to be true. A song like “Goldmann Shagged” would have made a serious blast back then. A hard rock with mix of sleezy and shoegazed rock. I would dare to say that reminds a little a small band called Metallica during the “Reload” era, but forgive me, Rusty Bonez sound much better, much more true.

Track Listing:

  1. Ball’n’Chains
  2. Wrath
  3. Broken Mold
  4. Scream of Souls
  5. King of the Road
  6. Nameless Hero
  7. Goldmann Shagged
  8. Stones Skin
  9. Burn the Sun
  10. Grub

Watch “Nameless Hero” official video here: