RUSTY PACEMAKER Release New Song ‘Corona’

Rusty Pacemaker

RUSTY PACEMAKER has released a new song “Corona,” which can be heard below.

Band’s mainman Rusty commented: “Hi there! I know it’s been a while since I came up with some music or even news. My second album ruins has been released about five years ago. Actually, I wrote tons of new songs within the past years which will be recorded and released somewhere in the future… For now I’d like to present you a demo version of a new song of mine. I never even thought of loading up a demo song on YouTube. I would prefer to come up with a well produced album instead. I changed my mind this time for a reason which is obvious: corona.

“Since I do not go to work and stay home in ‚quarantine‘ I took my guitar and started to play around with the idea of writing a ‚corona‘ song. This was about a week ago. The song kind of popped up by itself very quickly and as I usually do when composing, I record the ideas immediality to work out all the tracks for the song. As I never intended to ‚release‘ such recordings, I did not care about all the sound shaping stuff like new strings on the instruments, warming up for playing or singing, sound engineerinng etc.

“I literally plug in and press the recording button and as I am not able to play drums, I programmed a simple drum track on the computer.

“When the song was finished I felt like to release the song immediately in any way. The corona virus affects the whole world and humanity these times and we all have our struggles, challenges and anxieties with it. To have the song released when this crisis is probably (hopefully soon) over, it would definitely miss it’s actuality.

“Therefore, I quickly created a lyric video and loaded it up on my YouTube channel. So, here it is: my dirty little demo song: corona.”

RUSTY PACEMAKER‘s latest album, ruins, was released in 2015.