Rusty Pacemaker – Ruins

It’s hard for me to find an album that is able to combine elements from both rock and metal to create something that isn’t too much of either one, but instead a perfect blend of two related but distinctly different genres. “Ruins” by Rusty Pacemaker isn’t what I would call an “amazing” album, but it is without a doubt a very well crafted album that a lot of people would fine extremely entertaining. Some tracks are slower because of their length, while others are more fast paced that had a bunch more energy to them which really helped many songs feel more energetic. One of my favorite things about “Ruins” was how smooth the vocalist was and it really helped make the album enjoyable when it felt like putting me to sleep because it got really slow. In each track, though, there was a multitude of variations for the guitars that kept each track relatively fresh and have a different sound the last, which is something that all albums have but it was far more noticeable in “Ruins” for me. Overall, though, Rusty Pacemaker has made a well rounded album with “Ruins” that while it isn’t great, like I said, it is definitely something different that any fan of someone who likes a fusion of metal and rock should check out because this band has got 10 tracks just for you.

You can listen to the track “Made of Lies” via YouTube below, and you can purchase “Ruins” via iTunes here.

Track Listing:

  1. Ruins
  2. Made of Lies
  3. Ocean of Life
  4. The Game
  5. Night Angel
  6. Candlemass
  7. Forever
  8. Matter Over Mind
  9. Knowing
  10. Pillow of Silence