Sabaton – The War to End All Wars Review

“The War to End All Wars” is the unofficial name to the First World War which was thought to be an worldwide conflict that would by its extension and damages and therefore human losses to be the last war ever. Well, needless to say that it was just a hoax. Many historians consider the Second World War a continuation of the First, and, maybe, they are somewhat right if many details were to be analysed. As you my dear fan knows the devil is the details. It is also the name of the new Sabaton effort as a concept album which tells from the band’s view the story of the conflict. Many fans might know that Sabaton are a band that especialized in writing songs about historic events, most of all about war and heroes. It was the way the band found to stand out from the crowd. And it was a hit, if you what I’m saying. The band is very sucessful there’s no way of denoying though many fans give the shoulders to them exactly because of their lyrical choice. A choice is always a choice and, of course, there are always the pros and cons. Sabaton had their share of both.

Ok, then, it is the first time I review a Sabaton album. To me Sabaton are more a band of my personal interest for the lyrical content than for their music. Yeah, that’s right, I’m more interested in their lyrics and videos than in their music. It’s not that I don’t like it. No, no. I do, but the band got my interest first because of the aforementioned reasons and first impressions stay. To be really true with you my dear fan, “The War to End All Wars” is the first album that I hear in full. Of course, as I said, I know songs, I know videos, I know their TV show. I even used a video of them in my work and their songs in my research about Heavy Metal music. That’s enough? hahahahahahaha I know Sabaton are the kind of band that either love or hate. There are no possible mixed emotions.

Musicwise, Sabaton perform a tonal epic anthemic Heavy Metal. I’ll elaborate, all songs in this album have an anthemic singalong chorus, the ones that glue in the fan’s mind and are very hard to forget. In terms of musical composition Sabaton choose strong chords and riffing that work in suport the choruses. Sabaton’s music isn’t as complex as Iron Maiden, for instance, or Manowar, just to cite bands that they are clearly inspired on. Comparing to those bands it lacks Sabaton shredders prominent musicians, if you know what I’m saying. They are okay, but not examples to be followed of their instruments. The only exception from the way I see it is vocalist Joakim Brodén, whose stands out with his imposed and grand a la Dickinson voice but a little lower.

As an album “The War to End All Wars” has two distinct parts. The first compounded by Sabaton stylish songs which is easily recognised in tracks as “Saravejo” and “Stormtroopers” and songs where the band tries different textures with some electronic effects as in “Soldier of Heaven” or with a more classical approach as “Versailles.” The album also begins and finishes with two spoken tracks telling the winds of the war. As an album “The War to End All Wars” is bold on the band’s decision of telling its version of the story piece by piece. No one can deny that Sabaton have their unique way of telling stories. This album proves it again.

P.S. – There are two versions of “The War to End All Wars” which I’m still trying to get the difference between them: a regular album and the other with a history version. I listened to both and it still beats me.

Sabaton “The War to End All Wars” will be released on March 04th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Sarajevo (History Edition)
  2. Stormtroopers (History Edition)
  3. Dreadnought (History Edition)
  4. The Unkillable Soldier (History Edition)
  5. Soldier of Heaven (History Edition)
  6. Hellfighters (History Edition)
  7. Race to the Sea (History Edition)
  8. Lady of the Dark (History Edition)
  9. The Valley of Death (History Edition)
  10. Christmas Truce (History Edition)
  11. Versailles (History Edition)

Watch “The Unkillable Soldier” official video here: