Saboter – Architects of Evil

Many people ask what is the secret of Heavy Metal longevity. Well, in fact, there is no simple answer to that question, but, if there were, it would be the bands. Bands are the ones which makes Heavy Metal great because they keep it alive. Bands are keeping the flames high and strong though some haters say Heavy Metal bands are dinosaurs. It takes only a moment to a person with no prejudice to analyse what Heavy Metal bands are doing now. Besides all things, they are reinventing Metal. Some of them put Metal upside down and shook its structures. Some prefer some higher ground and keep the flame alive performing some reinvention of the classics. Others add to the classics some modern influences in order to forge their music. All of them make Metal alive and kicking.

Well, that put, we can go back to Saboter “Architects of Evil” which belong to bands who perform some reinvention of the classics. Also, Saboter are a band that have their share of modernity in some guitar lines that use top notch structures with a vocalist with a big voice that is able to reach high and low notes easily. Antonis Vailas is very talented and able to fulfill the request that the music a band as Saboter need. Saboter bounce  from Speed Metal to what is called American school of Power Metal, which differs a little from their European peers. American Power Metal bands merge into their music fast guitar riffs but a little stronger with low tones. Guitars are also interweaven with some guitar phrasing to easy the killer riffs. Vocalists have to be able to reach high and low tones in order to fulfill the needs their music require. They have also to be melodic and gritty at the same time. “Architects of Evil” and the title track show us all that. As ironic as it may seem, American Power Metal bands have lots to do with Judas Priest.

Saboter are a very good piece of bands are doing these days keeping the flame burning. Albums as “Architects of Evil” as good examples that bands can recreate the classics and also give their contribution. Tracks as “Rose Red” and “To Glory We March” have the perfect balance of tough and melody.

Saboter  “Architects of Evil” will be released on November 16th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Temple of R’lyeh
  2. Architects of Evil
  3. Rose Red
  4. Golden Owl
  5. To Glory We March
  6. Sword of the Guardian
  7. Order of Charity
  8. Lamias Call (CD Bonustrack)

Watch “The Temple of R’lyeh” official music clip here: