Sacred Seal – Incarnation

2f6603b5a3ed2ac9b8c80523c4daa0ae  If you ask me, it’s always a fascinating thing how bands will take a genre and then incorporate so many different elements, styles, sounds, and all that kind of s**t into their music while still remaining true to the core genre that they started out with. For Sacred Seal that core genre is straight heavy metal, and by itself their debut album “Incarnation” shows that they have an excellent grasp of the style of heavy metal and how they want to go about making their sound, but they don’t just stop there are they also include some stylistic elements of folk metal with the feel of guitars that have a sound very like that of a lute along with its feel, and power metal with the theme and overall feel of “Incarnation” overall. And to top all that off is a set of vocals sung by a woman that do just an excellent job at setting a great smoothness for the whole album to make it an experience definitely worth taking. Another thing that you really aren’t prepared for when you jump into a heavy metal album no matter how its performed or how good the band in question is would be a long running album, and “Incarnation” is over 50 minutes long with a whopping 12 tracks to boot. But unlike a lot of other group in my experience, Sacred Seal do better with longer songs as they really know how to keep everything interesting and not end up making the song feel dragged out or stale over a period of time, and that’s not something that comes easily mind you. When you bring all of that stuff together you get the daunting album that is “Incarnation” which in its essence is a very well done and nicely executed piece of heavy metal that truly embodies how creative people still are in today’s world, and Sacred Seal have proven themselves more than an acceptable band with this album alone.

You can purchase “Incarnation” via iTunes here, and stream the album on Spotify here.

Track Listing:

  1. Kama
  2. Vénus
  3. The Sphinx’s Riddle
  4. Evilution
  5. Flow of Oblivion
  6. Me Myself and I
  7. Chains of Salvery
  8. Psychosis
  9. House of Sin
  10. Judas’s Calling
  11. Over the Abyss
  12. Holy See