SACRILEGE Premieres ‘The Court Of The Insane’ Music Video

UK based band SACRILEGE have teamed up with Metal Addicts to exclusively bring you their music video for “The Court Of The Insane” which appears on the new 2019 album The Court Of The Insane, released on 2nd August 2019 via Pure Steel Records.

The band is creating bigger and bigger footsteps after the release of their newest album, increasing its popularity not only in the United Kingdom and Europe but throughout the world. With The Court Of The Insane, SACRILEGE has managed, with its music, to win over media, magazines, radio and fans, increasing its following, playing in various European and British venues, including more festivals.

The concept behind the “The Court Of The Insane” video, is quite complex and has been considered at length by Italian director Marco Paracchini.

SACRILEGE singer, guitarist and songwriter Bill Beadle comments: “What a special time in Italy filming the video for the title track of our album The Court Of The Insane. So many great people on set and fantastic costumes made by Paola Sgauzzini. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without Vale Campagnale organising it and getting top Italian director Marco Parrachinni to enable everything to progress smoothly. We also got some fabulous photos taken by Chiara Galliano. Thank you to everyone involved and we can’t wait to make the next SACRILEGE video.”

Taking up the lyrics of the song, it is the story of a man sentenced to death for something he does not know he has committed, and if he’s really guilty of anything. Based on this idea, the video unfolds into an oneiric journey, in which the basic concept is focused on how sick the world is.

Neil Turnbull, SACRILEGE drummer adds:​ “Working on ‘The Court Of The Insane’ video was a really interesting project to experience. The choice
of the setting at Castello Sannazzaro was just perfect to correlate with the theme of “anti-justice” and repression. We are all so pleased with the striking vivid nature of the final video, directed by Marco and his fantastic production team! It was a real pleasure to work with all the live cast who threw themselves into the storyline wholeheartedly. Thanks again to all. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it!”

The setting is 1700, but of course there are references to the band, dressed in a contemporary way. It is precisely with this fundamental idea in mind, on which the story of the video is based. A normal man who is condemned by a court of madmen, judge included, who are moved by a superior force, invisible and for this reason with puppet makeup.

Bassist Jeff Rolland says: “With little information in advance of the filming, it was difficult to envisage how the final result might look like. A tour around the impressive Castello Sannazzaro confirmed it as a wonderful setting to provide something really special. Marco marshalled the whole video superbly with a combination of firm planning and direction coupled with a relaxed manner that enabled everyone to enjoy the experience. It was a joy to work with all those involved.”

Lead guitarist Paul Macnamara adds:​ “The filming for ‘The Court of Insane’ was a supremely well organised event – from the authenticity of
the costumes and the attention to detail of the makeup artists, to the lighting and camera angles. We had a great time playing our parts. Thanks to all contributors – production team and actors… … and especially to Marco and Valeria for the overall direction and management of the event. Castello Sannazzaro is the perfect setting for the song – ‘The Court of the Insane’. Dark and epic. Great song. Great video.”

What exactly the video wants to express is, in addition to a photograph of modern society, revisited in a markedly theatrical key, the desire to denounce the judgment that society addresses to all those who act
and think differently without harming anyone.

SACRILEGE band manager Valeria Campagnale, talks about the video:
“When the band decided to shoot the video for ‘The Court Of The Insane’, I wanted to produce it myself in order to highlight the intensity of the song’s lyrics. A detailed analysis of the lyrics of SACRILEGE‘s pieces reveals solid lyrics with a precise meaning. I chose the director Marco Paracchini for his clear structural vision of his works.

“I knew I would choose the most appropriate person. Together we looked for the most suitable location for ‘The Court Of The Insane’, looking for the castle with the greatest predisposition to the story told, for the concept instead and we found it in Castello Sannazzaro in Piedemont. We wanted to make a great video clip, just like the ’80s ones with a beautiful location and costumes. I wanted an epic video clip and we made it thanks to Marco’s inventive work and his fervent detailed imagination.”

Valeria, who’s also owner of the Italian webzines Rockers And Other Animals and Insane Voices Labirynth di Valeria Campagnale added :
“I’m a SACRILEGE fan since I first listened to them with Ashes To Ashes in the 80’s. I’ve always followed the band because of the intensity and pragmatism of their music. Working closely with them is not only a pleasure but also a personal satisfaction. They are amazing people and I’m glad to be part of the SACRILEGE family.”

Always considering SACRILEGE‘s music remains the right balance between heavy and rock, and being born in the fervent NWOBHM period, the band has always been considered a cult band. With The Court Of The Insane video, SACRILEGE add another element to their already successful careers.