Sahon – Chanting for the Fallen

First things first. These days it’s not that usual to look at covers, but they played a very important role in the past. Covers were one of the most important matters to a band at making an album. It was of such importance that reputed artists were asked to design them. The more important the band, the least decision makers they were when it came to the cover art. Who hasn’t ever heard that some album was bought because of its cover? What about the dispute and controversy some covers are in?

All that because the first thing that called the eye in Sahon “Chanting for the Fallen” was, of course, its cover. A pretty uncanny one, with its bunnies and oriental driven ideograms. It reminds a little – pay attention, a little – Jethro Tull’s “Crest of a Knave” and its medieval drawings. Maybe most because of the dominant beige color. Well, as we’re talking about unusual things in a album, let’s say a few words about the title. Though it’s is not that unusual, it called my attention because it reflects a thrash metal tradition, which is to deal with politics. Thrash bands have a peculiar way to deal with them. They are acid criticals. Who are the fallen? It could be me, you, we all.

In terms of music, Sahon have a peculiar way too. First track “Faith of Savagery” has a guitar line inspired in surf music. Hey, hold your horses! I mean the technique of repeating notes and emphasizing their melodic stress. “Faith of Savagery” doesn’t really seem to be a thrash song. And I guess that was Sahon’s intent. The most usual thrash song is “Charge Till the End” and its motorheadish drumming and vocals. Other songs have a very Sahon’s signature. The impression one get is this signature sound. Very personal, by the way. Truly a band that tries something else. That counts a lot in this world of zillion bands. “Joy of Hatred” guitar lines works with some dissonances. It works fine for it. It’s the so-called signature sound bands are so anxiously looking for. But make no mistake, Sahon don’t have to work hard to obtain theirs. Thus it comes naturally. Let’s say they were born this way. Last track, “You Shall Pay,” caps off the very essence of hardcore. Straight-ahead-right-in-your-face-fast-paced tune.

Sahon “Chanting for the Fallen” was reelased on July 15th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Faith of Savagery
  2. At the Edge of Cliff
  3. Survive
  4. Condemnation
  5. Charge Till the End
  6. Born to Loose Live to Win
  7. Joy of Hatred
  8. You Shall Pay

Watch “At the Edge of Cliff” official video here: