Sainte Marie Des Loups – Sainte Marie Des Loups

Wanna know some kind of organized musical chaos? Wanna hear a band that uses weird guitar tones that sound out of key ou unpolished? That it sounds so raw that seems to be poorly played? Some bands really know how to get weird and Sainte Marie Des Loups is surely one of them.

“Sainte Marie Des Loups” has six tracks. The thing that calls the eye immeadiately is the flair for the unsual choice of chords and tones, sometimes even the cadence and pace. “Sainte Marie Des Loups” isn’t an easy album for beginners. It takes some time to understand the band intents and musical choices. The album kicks off with a wall of sound in “La Fin de l’hiver” with some touches of Extreme Metal cadencing in the instrumental. But the tones strange the ears. Remember, Extreme Metal is here to shock, not to please. If it pleases, it is not Extreme Metal, maybe something else, but not Extreme Metal. Also the mesmerizing riffing touches the mind with a drum carnage that makes it remarkable. The kind of drumming that makes us proud with a guitar tone that sounds everything but common. Following track “Progeniture” shows more anger and wrath with the almost inaudible guitar due to tons of effects and, of course, the intent to do so. Here’s one more thing to praise, guitar sounds are so because Sainte Marie Des Loups want them this way. It’s intentional. Part of their act. Each detail in “Sainte Marie Des Loups” was carefully planned. If you think the other way around, you are mistaken. The dark and gloomy moods, sometimes out of tune or poorly played are all intentional. Again, Extreme Metal is meant to shock, to annoy, not to please. If it pleases, there is something wrong with it. Listen to the final instrumental minutes of “Sermons Sanglants” and tell me if it isn’t so. It’s mesmerizing, hypnotic, annoying, and yet, a dark art. Well, the other tracks go monolithically this way. Or I’d rather say, marvelously.

“Sainte Marie Des Loups” isn’t for beginners. You’d better initiated in the dark arts to listen to it.

Sainte Marie Des Loups “Sainte Marie Des Loups” was released on May 24th via Amor Fati Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. La Fin de l’hiver
  2. Progeniture
  3. Sermons Sanglants
  4. Sainte Marie Des Loups
  5. Insolence
  6. Absurdites et Blasphemes

Watch “Sainte Marie Des Loups” full album here: