SAMMY HAGAR: ‘I Wanna Be The Oldest Living Rock Star On The Planet One Day’

Sammy Hagar, who celebrated his 70th birthday in October, says that he is planning to slow down his partying in order to prolong his life.

In an interview with Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF radio station, Hagar said:

“I wanna be the oldest living rock star on the planet one day. Every day you see somebody else going — Malcolm Young and stuff — so I’m thinking, I’m gonna preserve myself, maybe put the brakes on a little bit, start drinking a little bit later and finish up a little bit earlier [laughs], and all those things — you know, eat right, keep myself healthy, keep exercising. And I’m serious — I would love to be the oldest living rock star on earth someday.”

Asked if he was friends with Malcolm Young from his years of being on he road, Hagar said: “I met those guys a few times. I was more friends with probably Brian [Johnson, AC/DC singer] than anyone [else] in the band. And before that, Bon Scott [late AC/DC frontman] and I used to get along pretty good — we did some shows together, and [it was] two singers getting together, having a couple of drinks. But Angus [Young, AC/DC guitarist and Malcolm’s brother] and those guys are pretty private guys. I met Angus a couple of times — same thing — but I can’t say I knew ’em; not like I knew Brian.”