Samurai Swords: Everything You Need to Know


A samurai sword is a weapon that gets used for different purposes. It gets mainly used for cutting and striking etc. It has a curved or straight edge which makes it sharper, and it is a military weapon used in wars. Different samurai swords are katana, tachi, tanto, odachi, etc. Today, the most commonly used sword is the katana. It is the traditional sword used by the samurai since the 15th century.

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In the past, Japanese swords got known as Chokutu. Chokutu is a double edge blade sword. In the earliest time, Chinese and Japanese Swords are the same, but after 1700AD, Japanese swords have unique features. The Japanese katana got considered the world’s best sword ever. Honjo Masamune is the most famous sword globally, and it is best because of its great features.

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Types of Samurai Swords

Many different samurai swords are Tachi, Tanto, Uchigatana and Daisho, etc. The battle katana is considered the giant sword, and the wakizashi is the little sword. These types of swords have different characteristics that got described below:


It gets used throughout the Koto Period with a curved blade. It got used in the wars before the katana, so it is older than the katana. Tachi got called as “Soul of Samurai.” It is a lavishly decorated traditional sword.


It is a short sword of feudal Japan. It is a single or double-edged blade, also used as a knife. Its length is between 15 to 30 cm, which gets used in martial arts. It is hidden easily due to its small size.


Uchi means “strike,” and gatana means “swords.” The uchigatana is the successor of the Tachi sword, and its length is 60 to 70cm. It is a short sword that is not of high quality. So, it is in the use of junior fighters.


 It is a group of short and long swords, and the samurai warriors wear them. It becomes famous in the last of the Muromachi period. In 1629, Daisho was used only for the official duties of warriors.

Manufacture of Samurai Swords

These Japanese swords got made of two types of steel: low carbon and high carbon. Stainless steel gets primarily used in the production of blades, and Yoshindo Yoshihara is the most famous sword maker nowadays. He was a great artist in Japan, and the actual sword got made of carbon steel. These swords get used by samurai, ninjas, kendo, etc.

Ethical Importance of swords

Sword stands for Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection. It is a fact that swords play a positive role against evil to protect society. Swords are the sign of peace, power, life, etc. It symbolizes prosperity and nobility. In art galleries, swords represent cultural significance.

The Bottom Line 

Samurai swords get used for many purposes like cutting knives and weapons. Its different types have unique features, which makes them more impressive. It has a significant effect on culture. The lovers of swords should know the Importance of samurai swords. Blades are popular in the past and the present also. And its popularity also takes place in the future; no one can ever take its place.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand a lot about samurai swords!