Saphath – Ascension of the Dark Prophet Review

This album kicks off with “Children of the Night” that I don’t what the hell reminds me the classic and unforgetable Savatage’s “Power of Night.” Ok, I know they are very different but, you know, sometimes I mix things up.

To some extent, it’s really hard to label this album. My guess would be Melodic Death Metal as Saphath use lots of this subgenre features as the vocals and the melodic guitars. The problem lies on the many passages using Symphonic elements as in the intro of the aforementioned “Children of the Night” which, by the way, is the most complex track of the album. Pay attention to all the pain and misery the chorus delivers. Almost unbearable. This intro is at the same complex and sweet with many acoustic elements bouncing to classical music. However, to be completely honest with you my dear child of the night, this “Ascension of the Dark Prophet” is also a hodgepodge of elements. From where I’m standing the band shows teo distinct sides; one is the Extreme Metal side with a ferocious and cruel instrumental and vocals, this side takes the lead most of the time; the other side is the aforementioned hodgepodge of many elements that sometimes as in “The Raven” are more prominent. In this very especific case is the oriental music influence that many bands are using these days. The other is the influences of classical music and some elements of 1980’s Gothic Rock in the vocals as in “Your God.” Well, as far as I’m concerned, all of this work fine to the band helping create an atmosphere of despair, desolation, and even false hope. Yes, false hope a strong term but the one that explains exactly what we all are feeling these days. It’s hard to say that. Of course, I don’t mean Saphath but the feeling the wish to pass is the fan is exactly this. Listen to “The Land of My Dreams” and tell me exactly what you feel, my dear child of the night. I won’t tell.

Saphath are a extremely modern Extreme Metal band. No, I’m not making any jokes or slamming the band. When I say modern I mean all the influences the band delivers in its music. Modern Extreme Metal bands go everywhere searching for the best ways of delivering pain and misery, cruelty and rawness, vicious and malevolence. Well, those can be everywhere. Of course, the spirit has to be heavy, very heavy, and very extreme. “Ascension of the Dark Prophet” is all these. No shadow of doubt.

Saphath “Ascension of the Dark Prophet” was reelased on April 08th.

Track Listing:

  1. Children of the Night
  2. Outcast of Heaven
  3. Darkness Unleashed
  4. Broken Mirror
  5. The Daughter of Ice Pains
  6. Asphodel Meadows
  7. Language of My Pain
  8. The Raven
  9. Your God
  10. The Land of My Dreams

Watch “The Raven” official video here: