SAR – Neoclassical Instrumental Dark

This universe is just an ironic place. Just because I was saying in my last review that instrumental albums were getting scarce and rare from out of the blue this SAR “Neoclassical Instrumental Dark” appears. Of course, out of the blue is a matter of saying, the album was schedulled for review some time ago. And it happens to be very different from the one I have reviewed before it due to its neoclassical approach – oh, I just love the new labelling that is rising from the dead. For the ones that are younger for a longer time as I am, when you hear the word neoclassical you understand Metal with a Classical Music approach as Yngwie Malmsteen –  great example, by the way.

Okay, then, gripping the hook that I gave quoting Yngwie Malmsteen, SAR  “Neoclassical Instrumental Dark” reminds his early efforts. I mean, not the guitars because guitarist Sergio Aravena isn’t as fast as Yngwie, but the classical music approach is just the same. Truth be told, he is pretty much the opposite, the kind of guitarist that really feels each note he plays as “Ausencia (Loneliness)” tells the fan. That makes “Neoclassical Instrumental Dark” a pleasant album to listen to. As its peers, the album has some Power Metal grip as well as can be seen in “Existencia (Existence)” with a powerfull and pounding fast drumming. But I guess “Nocturno (Nocturnal)” is the track that tells more about the skills and resources Sergio Aravena has. The variety of techniques and moods and effects and sounds the man does is incredible showing all the prowness he’s got.

After a deeper listening of the album, it is fair to say that the fan will notice other influences as Vinnie More, Tony MacAlpine, and Joe Satriani. Even more in the slowest tracks as “Ocaso (Sunset)” where he can flow freely his emotions. As I always say here speed isn’t everything that matters. Sometimes the slower the better, Doom fans can tell better. By the way, the fan that loves Yngwie Malmsteen first album “Rising Force” will notice that in the main riff of “Alma Negra (Black Soul)” some notes remind a litle “As Above, So Below” riffing. Okay, that happens. It’s no problem at all. It doesn’t take the bright of the album and the artist. A good album for the ones that appreciate instrumentals.

SAR  “Neoclassical Instrumental Dark” was independently released on April 17th.

Track Listing:

  1.  Corriendo en Circulos
  2. Pesadilla Numero Dos
  3. Ausencia
  4. Existencia
  5. Silencio
  6. Nocturno
  7. Preludio
  8. Ocaso
  9. Alma Negra

Watch “Ocaso” official video here: