SAR Release ‘Neoclassical Instrumental Dark’

In September from 2013, with enough material for a Ep album, the renowned Chilean guitarist Sergio Aravena Rivas (Forahneo, Rebelion, exTorturer and exNecrosis), decides to create a solo project influenced by classical bands of connoted guitarists, such as Vinnie Moore or Marty Friedman. At this manner Sergio started the way to recording in aloned this birth of first Ep album from SAR called “Instrumental Dark.” (Sergio, made the recording of all guitars and bass and programmed drums too).

The five songs instrumentals included in this first ep is moving in the sense of oniric world, dreams, sleepwalking episodes, sleepless nights, all the can happening when are be in dreams world.  In the first half of 2017, the debut “Instrumental Dark” is released.  Totally sold out in its digipack format, but available in various digital music platforms.

This material attracted the attention from Chilean metal scene and  his neighbords countrys,  and the music lovers around region, even metal press they started to talk off special genre of SAR,  and how this was in reality one new sub genre heavy metal and how will likely remembered with the name of his self first ep “Instrumental Dark.”

With this material the band started up many lived shows to longer of country. For live performances, it is supported by Víctor Vargas (Rebelión), on the drums and by patricio Gómez (multi instrumentalist) on keyboards and bass, who in a natural way, they transformed the solo project into a Powertrio, always receiving the better critics and support from fans and  assistant public.

Later keeping the same melodic line instrumental the band enter at record studio for made four new tunes who will conformn the second ep called “Advance” LP, This was released in second halth 2018, (Totally sold out in format cd) is available in varius digital music platforms. Being this one truly advance from waited first long play album.

With this pair albums under the arm the band keep going at the live performances as power trio, inside Chile territory and are active part show press and local radios.

In the second Quarter of 2020 the band release the album Neoclassical Instrumental Dark is his third production and his first long play album, this  us showing a SAR in the fullness delivering a great musical maturity with each song.

SAR, currently consist of a Power trio that interprets original pieces and instruments, achieving a transversal and musical style, suitable for all types of audiences.

Some comments from SAR members:

I had feel very comfortable recording the drums in this album, in SAR I found balance I was needed to grow up  as musicisian and contribute to the band – Victor Vargas
The “Neoclassical Instrumental Dark” work enhances SAR’s musical legacy with virtuosity, melody, speed, weight and a lot of feeling. The creation and existence of this album increases my pride in being part of this great band. –  Patricio Gomez

Band Line-up:
Sergio Aravena – Guitar
Victor Vargas  – Drums
Patricio Gomez – Bass/Keyboards

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