Sarayasign – Throne of Gold Review

A few years ago I saw a CD on a sale for a very reasonable price. In those cases in general I just check if the band is Metal. No more questions. I can’t let myself be picky when the price is so reasonable. So, the band I got was Ten, a modern Hard Rock band, with mastermind Gary Hughes. Yes, the son of Glenn Hughes the monster bassist who played with Deep Purple and many others. I just know that I immediately fell in love with it. I got the same feeling here with Sarayasign “Throne of Gold.” Punchy, yet melodic. Hard, yet with finesse. Modern, yet with the classical touch. True love at first sight. Ah, by the way, by modern Hard Rock I mean bands with the classic Hard Rock touch but with some modern traits as the keyboards and vocals. In fact, a bit harder than classic Hard Rock near Heavy Metal. Just what Deep Purple used to do in Glen Hughes era. Coincidence? It might be.

Ok, Sarayasign deliver us a bold debut album. Bold because “Throne of Gold” is much more than a concept album. It has the concept of an opera divided by acts. Wow! Well, it wouldn’t be a wow if the music weren’t so good. There’s no reason in writing such a fancy album if the music isn’t wondrous. For our sake’s it is. The band also created a fictional world called Saraya. The special touch in this album is the hidden soul music feeling in some songs as “Sandman.” Just as Deep Purple had in “Stormbringer” or “Burn.” When I say hidden I mean that may be it’s only the intent but the intent in music is much more than a intent, if my fan knows what I mean. All of this inerweaven with a solid and jawbreaking guitar playing. Guitarist Daniel Blohm does an amazing job here. Fast, technical, but yet warm and emotional. From the unique kind that is capable of mixing fast and intrincate solos with all the emotion required. Not as another coincidence – as they don’t exist – “Stranger in Ice” addresses the fan to the aforementied band and time. Good? No, no, great!

Once in a while we’ve got some great surprises here. It’s not everyday that we receive such a passionate album with such a passionate and careful musicianship and production. I worte two passionates in the same phrase. Redundant? No, not at all. Sarayasign with their debut “Throne of Gold” was just one more good surprises of them all. However, great news. Always in the mood for great news and surprises. I invite you my dear fan and child of the night to celebrate this anthem to Metal music.

Sarayasign “Throne of Gold” will be released on June 24th via Melodic Passion Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Book of Wisdom
  2. When Worlds Collide
  3. Distant Memories
  4. If Only for a Moment
  5. Sandman
  6. Run (The Hunt for the Book of Wisdom)
  7. Stranger in Ice

Watch “If Only for a Moment” official video here: