The Sarcophagus – Beyond This World’s Illusion

Unfortunatelly some bands take a very long time to release records. That’s the case of The Sarcophagus. Very mature songwriting, skilled musicians that know what they’re doing, high levels of energy and peaks of creativity. The Sarcophagus are a twenty-year-old band and show all that experience and knowledge in their second full length “Beyond This World’s Illusion”. It’s very clear their option for the second wave of black metal sound. Very well built guitar melodic structures that work nicely creating a dark and dense atmosphere. And some songs are pretty impressive, musically speaking, like “Ain Sof”, which is about the divine of the Kabbalah, the God prior to his self-manifestation in the production of any spiritual realm. “Beyond This World’s Illusion” gave up using hypnotic sound textures that most BM bands use nowadays. They prefer to be raw, to be straight ahead and direct. The guitar lines go through another way. They prefer to make a chaotic sound not using power chords but solid guitar phrases and no solos at all. The keyboards help to make an esotheric and misterious atmosphere. “Reign Of Chaos” goes right to the point! And so go the other songs. And that’s the proposal: to go right to the point and unveal the world’s miseries as the album tittle say. “Beyond This World’s Illusion” makes no concessions to the rulers of this world.

It’s interesting to know that “Beyond This World’s Illusion” is a jont venture of four record labels: Satanath Records (Rus) in association with Death Portal Studio (USA), Fila Sophiae (Sweden) & Sphera Noctis Records (Brazil). Not a commom thing. But it shows how liked The Sarcophagus are.

Track Listing:

  1. Reign Of Chaos
  2. Ain Sof
  3. Dymadiel
  4. The Profanity Rites
  5. Sarimia Of Earthly Creatures
  6. Triumphant Divine Terror
  7. Armoured Death
  8. Flaming Key To Divine Wisdom
  9. Apocalyptic Beast

You can have  a glimpse of the band here: