Sarke – Endo Feight Review

Some albums are a real hodgepodge of influences and sonancies. It seems the band gets a cauldron, light the fire, pour some ingredients – by some you understand many – and keeps pouring down and stirring. “Endo Feight” of Sarke seems to be one of these albums because there are so many influences here altogether from different epoches not only from Metal music, but also from Rock music – The Doors, for instance, are a valid option. Not only about the influences, but also moods and atmospheres plus cadences. I really don’t know Sarke’s previous albums, but I’m sure to say this is an experimental album of some sort. By the way, this is their eighth album.

I’m afraid I can’t say Sarke are an one-man project band because it is actually a live band now. In fact, the initial idea was to be an one-man project band, however, the project’s success led to the need of live shows, and, therefore, the need of a band with living human being musicians from bands as diverse as Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon, Borknagar, Testament, Khold, which is so until now. Even though the bands suggest a more Extreme Metal drive, this isn’t what “Endo Feight” delivers the fan, except for “In Total Allegiance,” which has a Modern Black Metal grip. “Endo Feight” has a more theatrical facete leading to a more melodic verve represented by Old School Heavy Metal tunes and some acoustic moments as in “Lost,” for instance. I dare to say the album bounces to the American Metal vaudeville with some musical influences of Teotonic Metal bands. A band as Alice Cooper sounds so good as  a main sonancy influence in tracks as “Phantom Recluse” and “Death Construction” where the subtle, even though grand, brass section takes part. Pay close attention to the grand intended intro. The brass section is there. The exciting cadence of the song is one thing that jumps to the eye.

We’re facing a very complex album from head to toe. From the grand opening with “Phantom Recluse” to the grand finale “Macabre Embrace” the album slowly gets the fan by the guts. “Endo Feight” isn’t an album to be loved at first sight. It takes some time, and some listenings, to digest it properly due to the hodgepodge of influences. I’d say the abum has an Extreme Metal intent, or Extreme Metal spirit, but the music is larger than life embracing a world of sonancies.

Well, I do have a nomination for best album of the year ready. Do you?

Sarke “Endo Feight” will be released on June 21st via Soulseller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Phantom Recluse
  2. Death Construction
  3. Lost
  4. Abyssal Echoes
  5. Old Town Sinner
  6. I Destroyed the Cosmos
  7. In Total Allegiance
  8. Macabre Embrace

Watch official lyric video here: