SÁRR Release ‘Ávitun’

SÁRR are a solo side project of Þórir – a multi-instrumentalist, producer, mixing / mastering engineer – from the Experimental Black Metal band Nyss that began in April 2018 as a means to create pure nihilistic music that haunts deeply within the listener with no boundaries or comfort.
SÁRR are not DSBM, it is nihilism. The difference being personal strength through the hellish life we all must endure.  As with all of Þórir’s projects the music is not necessarily ‘written’ in the classical sense, the music comes from deep thought, meditation and the building of layers given from an external, maybe even spiritual force. Only recording when the calling came for creativity, nothing was forced, it had to be natural, so forgetting many of the typical restraints of clean audio production was essential for this project, it was created straight to tape with virtually no editing to maintain the raw and icy edge.

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