Satan’s Fall – Final Day Review

I really don’t what happened but when I received the file with this effort Satan’s Fall “Final Day” I, at first, thought it was the seminal NWOBHM band Satan. I guess maybe it was because of the lack of characters some files come. Though both bands share the same NWOBHM roots and beliefs, they are musically very different. The emotional content that Satan’s Fall impresses in “Final Day” is really shaking and, in my opinion is the thing that links all tracks of the album. All of them are full of emotional contents that begin from the vocals to the guitars. Take, for instance, a track as “Retribuition” with a slow cadence with very well marked bass and drums and vocals and guitars that reinforce all that intimist atmosphere. The guitars take the lead to reinforce the emotion vocals desire to pass on. It’s a very eficient mechanism of reinforcement. It’s interesting to point out that many bands of this new wave are using this kind of feature. By the way, pay attention to the selected video. For metallers like me, it’s very important to see a band that keeps, and respects, all the features of the 1980s. That be the chaons and leather and the long hair.

It’s very hard to say about the influences that Satan’s Fall have in their music because they are very ample and diverse. “Final Day” is a varied album that melts lots of elements of many bands. There are touches of Judas Priest, of Saxon, of Iron Maiden, of Accept and many others in what was called the 1980s Metal music. By the way, that cauldron of influences in the motto of many bands that embraced 1980s Metal music since the beginning os this wave in the beginning of the 2000s. “The Flamekeepers” has that anthemic choruses that were Accept’s trademark with a strong guitar riff and an ending that reminds a lot Helloween. Title track and closing track, the grand finale, “Final Day” has a strong intro guitar riff leading to a perception that the song will be near Speed Metal. But the track changes when vocals come and gets more balanced and slower. The anthemic content takes the lead in “Final Day” as the title suggests.

“Final Day” is an album for those who still believe the NWOBHM has many to say. I do.

Satan’s Fall “Final Day” will be released on December 11th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Forever Blind
  2. Madness (Finds a Way)
  3. They Come Alive
  4. Retribution
  5. Juggernaut
  6. There Will be Blood
  7. The Flamekeeper
  8. Final Day

Watch “Juggernaut” official video here: