Satin – Appetition Review

A band named Satin raises the eyebrows. An album named “Appetition” raises them as well.  Well, Satin is the alter ego of vocalist, producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, award winning artist, and producer. He started playing guitar at the age of nine and was writing songs by the age of 11. Being an 80s child, his music, songwriting and production will naturally reveal some elements from the 80’s. “Appetition” as the Collins English Dictionary defines is a desire or craving directed towards a specific object, goal , or purpose. Ah, don’t you love this page for all the culture and wisdow it brings to you my dear child of the night?

So, what to expect from Satin “Appetition” album? Well, as usual, I read the name of the band and the album tittle to make my previous judgements. Hey, I’m here to pass judgements, aren’t I? Ok, by all means, I expected exactly what both seemed to mean. An album full of sugar, with many ballads, some strong guitars full of melody, a decent vocalist with a good voice and lots, but lots of melody. Bull’s eye! is Satin “Appetition” exactly this, and depending on you my dear child of the night, much more. In fact, Satin “Appetition” is much more to Winger “In the Heart of the Young” than to Bon Jovi “7800° Fahrenheit,” if you know what I mean. With no sorrow in my heart I have to say that Bon Jovi “7800° Fahrenheit” is much heavier than Satin “Appetition” in many ways. Alright, I’m the person here who undoubtedly loves this kind of music. Yes, I do, but I also have my limits. Satin “Appetition” is bordering theses limits. “Pearly Gates” speaks okay of the album, but “Jenny (I’m Bringing You Down)” ballad not that much. “Still Waiting” has a good mood though pretty sugared, but in the spirit. On the other hand, “Fight Again” makes the fan headbang.

Here we’ve got an album that will make the mind of the ones who like Hard Rock in its more sugared essence. As I said Satin “Appetition” is much more to Winger “In the Heart of the Young” than to Bon Jovi “7800° Fahrenheit,” and that’s the truth. A spoonful if you like it, if you don’t my deepest feelings.

Satin “Appetition” was released on October 14th via Art of Melody Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Going Your Way
  2. Angels Come, Angels Go
  3. Waiting for Another Man
  4. Everybody Needs to Be Loved
  5. A Dream Coming True
  6. Looking at You
  7. Pearly Gates
  8. Jenny (I’m Bringing You Down)
  9. Still Waiting
  10. Fight Again

Watch “Angels Come, Angels Go” official music video here: