SATYRICON Drummer FROST Says That Band Has Written ‘A Lot Of New Material’ For Next Album


SATYRICON drummer Kjetil-Vidar “Frost” Haraldstad recently spoke with Metal Sickness at Le Métaphone in Oignies, France.

Speaking about songwriting process of the band’s new album, Frost says:

SATYRICON has made a lot of new material now. We have been jamming in our rehearsal place a lot for many months. We don’t have any fully finished songs, but we have gotten pretty far with several compositions, and all of them have basically started as jams, or been jams around one or two particular themes that have been made on the guitar beforehand. And we present some of these themes on the shows, so I think it’s quite obvious that SATYRICON are now focused on future projects, and that’s gonna be a studio album and it’s also gonna be a cover album. One will possibly be recorded late this year and the other early next year. And there will be, quite likely, two releases in 2016.”.

Watch entire interview via YouTube below.

SATYRICON have signed a worldwide deal with Austrian metal label Napalm Records for release of their upcoming DVD Live At The Opera. The DVD is set to be released in Europe on May 1st & on May 5th 2015 in North America via Napalm Records. This upcoming release will contain the full performance DVD and double CD of this exclusive and very special concert by the legendary SATYRICON.