SATYRICON Frontman: ‘I’m Not Too Optimistic On Behalf Of Mankind’

In an interview with Metal HammerSATYRICON frontman Satyr was asked to share his thoughts on the current state of world. He responded:

“What I’ve been thinking the most is about everything I felt during the making of the ‘Age of Nero’ in 2007 and 2008. I thought to myself, ‘We’re living in a dark age – ultimately, what will be known as the beginning of the end.’ What I felt back then has unfolded over time, and I think what you see when people elect leaders that you could never imagine being leaders of the free world… I question where we’re heading with all this. I can’t say I walk around in fear, but I’m not too optimistic on behalf of mankind.”

Asked to single out the best piece of advice he recently got, the musician replied:

“That’s a good one! My wife reminded me during a conversation when I was really tired of some of the things I was working on, and getting really pissed off honestly! She said to remember to differentiate between what is a problem and what is a result of me being angry! That’s a good reminder. Sometimes you’re so deeply into something that when things don’t turn out exactly how you wanted, it pisses you off; but it’s worth remembering the problem isn’t that big.”

As you may or may not know, Satyr was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in 2015. Asked on how his health issues affected the writing process and the band as a whole, the musician replied: It’s provided a new perspective on certain things and some sort of sense of urgency – it’s hard to tell how long I could have left doing this. “

He added: “I don’t anticipate the end of SATYRICON anytime soon, and I’m doing rather well, but I’ve learned that you always think to yourself that as long as you feel inspired and motivated, then you can keep on doing it, but then all of a sudden you realize there could be other things in life that decide for you. You’re young and strong, then s**t hits the fan, and you think, ‘What just happened?'”