Savage After Midnight – 11:59

I confess that, in general, I don’t pay much attention to Nü Metal, or Modern Metal bands. Those bands that mix electronic effects and vibes into Metal. In my opinion they lack strength and punch. They overuse effects and that makes them some kind of artificial. But, sometimes, there is a band that makes you feel like you were punched in the face. Savage After Midnight “11:59” is that band with their EP. BTW, I really liked their name. So creative.

Opening track “10 Feet Tall” kicks off in known grounds. But wait some seconds more to all hell’s break loose. The catchy choruses with a very strong voice and guitars make you think otherwise about Modern Metal. I did. Catchy, but not lame. A hard combination to get, Savage After Midnight but really achieved it with great competence. The thing is that you feel they are the real deal, that they believe in their music, and to be honest, I totally respect that. The secret is to combine real Metal guitar riffs with electronic voice effects and other industrial features. “Heartless Machine” does it very well slowing down a little the tempo, but with the same honesty. Don’t pay attention to background vocals, but to the really strong guitar riffs and full of wrath main and second vocals. Insane. Totally insane.

That’s what I keep on telling you guys. Sometimes it’s great to vary. You may be surprised. I was. In the good sense by Savage After Midnight and “11:59.”

Savage After Midnight “11:59” will be released on March 08th via RED Music/The Century Family.

Track Listing:

  1. Unleash
  2. 10 Feet Tall
  3. Heartless Machine
  4. King
  5. Overrated

Watch “10 Feet Tall” official video here: