SAVAGE GRACE ‘After the Fall from Grace’

Deluxe 2-CD re-issue of a Classic 80’s Speed Metal record!

The first album of SAVAGE GRACE, “Master of Disguise,” is an absolute masterpiece. It is wild, ambitious, and most importantly, very well-written. It is an essential speed metal record, which unfortunately is not as well known as it should be. “After the Fall from Grace,” the sophomore effort of SAVAGE GRACE is just as good, but in a completely different way. The message is different, the atmosphere of the record is different, but it works just as well in its own world.
This is one of the best heavy/speed/power metal albums of albums out there. From beginning to end, the album is very colorful and provides great range of different paces, song lengths, so the release never gets boring.
While it is true that the record does not sound as energetic and wild and does not want to set the world on fire as much as “Master of Disguise,” the songwriting skills improved. Songwriter Chris Logue did a great job at writing melodies that are very unique. The production was completely nailed by the band. At this time, not many bands could have a sound this clear, but thankfully, this great record was lucky enough.
Overall, this is a very strong record. It is one of my great sorrows that SAVAGE GRACE disbanded shortly after the release of this record.

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