Scabby Ghouls – Scabby Ghouls

It’s not often that we receive a punk rock band here. In fact, punk bands are more rare and scarce than other alternative genres of rock. There are many reasons and one of them is that punk rock is slowly dying though all the love and respect the media and the academics had for it. Metal, on the contrary, has always been the ugly duckling, the pariah, the outcast. In terms of politics, punk rock had clearer intent than Metal. It’s that Metal isn’t about politics, but music comes first and the intents aren’t that clear. But musicwise, Metal has always been more solid. Punk is at first a political movement that happens to have music; Metal is a musical movement that happens to have politics.

Scabby Ghouls with this self-tittled album offer lots of things of punk métier. What jumps to eye in the first moments is the debauched and mocking vocals and the Metal playing guitar. Yeah, “Scabby Ghouls” unlike their punk peers has a lot of very impressive guitar solos which also tries to have a different tone. Punk rock bands never cared about the tones of their instruments. They were pretty much standard. Less is more, remember? But not Scabby Ghouls whose solos are Metalish. They also impress.

All seven tracks of “Scabby Ghouls” have a strong taste of Toy Dolls, especially track one “Body Surfin'” which also recovers a punk tradition of being near surf music. I guess many don’t know that, but it’s a fact. Punk rock had a strong approach with surf music, as strange as it may seem. The same with 1950s rock as psychobilly tells us. Other tracks have a very strong taste of Sex Pistols and all their mockery which is expected due to the strong influence the band on punk bands.

Scabby Ghouls” is an album that may please metalheads because of its bold instrumental. Also, it’s a good experience with other forms of heavy music. We are in short of them.

Scabby Ghouls Scabby Ghouls” was released on March 15th via Out-O-Tune Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Body Surfin’
  2. The Scabby Ghouls
  3. Midwest Zombies
  4. Black Dahlia Bombshell
  5. Dreaddy Krueger
  6. Road Ragin’
  7. Knife Fight

Watch “Dreaddy Krueger” official video here: