SCAR OF THE SUN Release New Music Video ‘I Am The Circle’; New Album Out May 14th

Greek modern metal five-piece SCAR OF THE SUN is poised to reach the next level with the release of their third full-length, “Inertia“, out May 14th, 2021 via Napalm Records. The album delivers a fresh take on melodic, atmospheric, often progressively-influenced metal while forging a unique path.

After sharing the stage with outstanding acts such as Dark Tranquillity  and Insomnium, as well as compatriots Rotting ChristSCAR OF THE SUN has made a name for themselves with the very special ability to merge modern metal sound with atmospheric soundscapes and dynamic riffs. “Inertia“‘s first offering, I Am The Circle, along with a captivating, dynamic official music video, serves as an exciting taste of lies ahead: Razor-sharp riffs kick off this energetic modern metal smasher, altering between fast-paced and atmospheric moments as frontman Terry Nikas presents his full vocal ability, from aggressive growls to clear singing.

Vocalist Terry Nikas on the first single:
“New, heavier and groovier SCAR OF THE SUN, but always catchy! Years of fighting compressed our anger in a few minutes shape!”

SCAR OF THE SUN on the video for “I Am The Circle”:
“’I Am The Circle’ is the first video from our upcoming album Inertia. It acts as a dynamic and direct introduction to our sound and band presence. The video was directed by Achilleas Gatsopoulos who has been responsible for the overall visual aesthetic of the band since the beginning. The look is a solid combination of raw performance and our distinct graphic design approach. We will explore the world of Inertia even deeper with the release of the next videos in the following months, leading to the release of the album in May.”

Terry Nikas about the album:
“Third strike, this album is our punch to the world disarray! The most aggressive album we’ve done so far indicates our current intentions! The main concept of ‘Inertia‘ deals with how financial interests act against the lives of everyday normal people, no matter where you come from, since profit knows no ethics and nationalities.

Nikas continues: “We become lab rats and we struggle in our everyday life while at the same time that extreme minority that runs the financial interests see people like numbers and value our lives like ants. These are matters that concern and annoy me and I had to get them out of my chest.”

Inertia” was recorded and mixed by singer and songwriting mastermind Terry Nikas at Zero Gravity Studios in Athens, Greece and mastered by the legendary Jens Bogren (OpethKatatoniaDimmu Borgir) at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden.
Inertia Track Listing:
1. Hydrogen
2. Inertia
3. I Am The Circle
4. Quantum Leap Zero I: Torque Control
5. Quantum Leap Zero II: Transition To Turbulence
6. Oxygen
7. The Fallible Experiment
8. Quantum Leap Zero III: Thrust
9. Singularity Collapse
10.Zenith To Minos

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