Scarecrow – Raise the Death’s Head Review

Neat instrumentals!

It’s awesome to begin a review saying that the instrumentals are neat. Metal fans value this a lot. There are only three tracks in “Raise the Death’s Head” but I guarantee you, my fan, that all of them are great and very well performed. It’s something like Testament would be mixed with the good Metallica with some dashes of Megadeth. Hum intricate, huh? Yes, it is. Scarecrow managed to find them all great instrumentals of the three bands which, by the way, are the three greatest instrumental of them all Thrash Metal bands. Don’t you, my fan, agree with me?

The downpicking that begins with first and album opener “Raise the Death’s Head” is just amazing. It’s possible to feel all the fury that comes from each picking while the song goes down. The song delivers all the wrath and unmerciful pain Tharsh Metal bands desire to deliver their fans in only a song. The song may dance by pretty much all Thrash Metal standards but it sure works pretty damn fine. It spills blood from all over the place, if you understand what I’m saying, my dear and beloved fan. And when the fan is all warmed up Scarecrow decide to chill down a little with the Testament like ballad “The Desperate Hour” which gains the name ballad just because of the slow cadence and the initial strumming. However, the song is about what it says; the desperate hour. well, for the band’s sake, the song gets pretty heavy by its middle and shows all the dark and lonely that this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet can give us. Not a joke. The song is pretty dark. It seems that “The Desperate Hour” woks as the soft tissue that is between the skin and the bones because following track “Victory?” is just as furious as “Raise the Death’s Head” showed to be. It does remind the good old times when Metallica used to be of the killing kind. Now the turn is to bands as Scarecrow – by the way, what a nice name for a band.

Alright, my dear fan, here we have a pretty EP with three killing tracks. Really worth a shot.

Scarecrow “Raise the Death’s Head” was released on November 05th via Relapse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Raise the Death’s Head
  2. The Desperate Hour
  3. Victory?

Watch “Raise the Death’s Head” official video here: