Scattered Hamlet – Swamp Rebel Machine

Raspy and gritty voice, amplifier overdriven guitars, thundering bass and smashing drums. Does any heavy music fan need more? My man, I gotta tell you all, Scattered Hamlet with “Swamp Rebel Machine”, do some serious heavy music here. And I mean heavy music in its wider definition. Anyone who’s found of hard rock and heavy metal will enjoy “Swamp Rebel Machine”. Mostly the ones who miss the good old Guns N’ Roses “Appetite for Destruction” and “Use Your Illusion I and II” era. Add that to an acid lyric writing, and you’ll get the recipe for some serious heavy music blast.

The most amazing thing about “Swamp Rebel Machine” is that Scattered Hamlet are a melting pot of heavy music influences: southern rock in the tittle track “Swamp Rebel Machine”, Poison chorus and Deep Purple guitars in “Rimfire”, Kiss riffing in “Outlaw Breed”, Yes bassing riff and some Pantera vocals in “Buckshot”, and Guns N’ Roses mostly the others. And an awesome old fashioned guitar player with his dirty, loud, and distorted guitar technique. The guy really teaches a lesson of guitar playing here. There’s really no way of getting bored listening to this guys of Scattered Hamlet. I enjoyed a lot the last track “The Lesson”. Really a lesson of heavy rocking, if I may.

As a matter of fact, Scattered Hamlet “Swamp Rebel Machine” is at the same time a great modern rock effort, and because of that, a great effort of classic rock. Can you get it? Without sounding outdated. No one at his right mind can say that Scattered Hamlet “Swamp Rebel Machine” is outdated. No, sir! Not a bit! Not to mention the ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude.

Track Listing:

  1. Battle Hymn
  2. Whip-Poor-Will
  3. Stonewall Jackson
  4. Four Barrel Mojo
  5. White Trash
  6. Swamp Rebel Machine
  7. Green Bastard (feat. Johnny T. Crash)
  8. Outlaw Breed
  9. Rimfire
  10. Buckshot
  11. The Lesson

Watch the official video to “Swamp Rebel Machine” here: