Science of Disorder – Private Hell

Generally I like to start my reviews quoting what called the eye in the album. In this Science of Disorder “Private Hell,” is that I’ve always thought of Twisted Sisters’s Dee Snider as a great singer. But never wondered he would leave a path for new vocalists. Science of Disorder vocalist Jérôme Thomas proved me wrong about it. His vocals skills, mostly the emotion content and the strong tone, is very near Dee’s. Guys, I always compare bands or artists as a compliment. Nothing else. Twisted Sisters are one of the bands I like most. So, to my understanding, it’s such a honor to have a band like Science of Disorder with a vocalist that reminds Dee Snider. Listen first to “Lava Girl” or “Patient” to check it out. Of course, if you are aware of Twisted Sisters’s efforts. If you don’t, please, forget it.

Ok, then, let’s describe what Science of Disorder sound like. Mostly, they are a modern metal band in which the bass takes the lead. Yeah, I like that. In my opinion rock/metal kind of underestimate the instrument. But not in “Private Hell,” where it has a prominent role. “Light Bearer” has a Motörheadish intro, for instance and slightly different vocal lines. By the way, it and “Half a Life” are the most different songs in “Private Hell.” It’s very good to see that they didn’t forget guitar solos in here. Some of them are pretty inspired as in the aforementioned song.

There are is one more thing – embedded in two – I’d like also to mention: the names of the band and the album. Science of Disorder is a great name. It sums up everything science stands for these days. Disorder, or maximizing it, chaos are the leading paths in science as we can see by the discussions about global warming and its effects. “Private Hell” means a lot because, I guess, we all live in our priovate hells. Thus, hell is a private conception. Sort of.

Science of Disorder “Private Hell” was released on May 25th via Fastball Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Carrions
  2. Kingdom Comes
  3. Lava Girl
  4. Patient 18
  5. Choke
  6. Light Bearer
  7. Half a Life
  8. Sickness
  9. Mine
  10. Private Hell
  11. Carrions (piano version)

Watch “Choke” official video here: