Scoredatura – Tense

Eager to lscoredatura isten to a band that brings back that cool atmosphere of instrumental songs we had during sometime ago and still seems fresh?

Well, if you are, I present you Scoredatura with the album “Tense”. They broght back a tradition long gone in metal, and even rock, which is recording an all instrumental album. Those albums were kind of commom during the 1990’s, or so. Even more, they dared to mix jazz with metal, which is something a bit unusual. But, to be fair with Scoredatura, the mix they make with jazz isn’t that new. Deep Purple did that with their masterpiece “Machine Head”. Jeff Beck’s “Blow by Blow” is another influential masterpiece. “Bear Attack”, the third track, is a piece that reminds a lot Beck’s work. And, please, this is a compliment! I say that because “Tense”, to me, is a 1970’s album with the necessary touch of 21st century musical technique. And Scoredatura work that beautifully. And it gets even better with the organ during “Too Loud Enough”.

Instrumental songs brighten the guitar because instead of having the melodies sang, it’s the guitar that does it. And, of course, you need at least an inspired axeman. “In A Way” shows all the technique and feeling Peter Koopman has to show. He works nicely creating some harmonical tenses that are perfectly solved during the song. And, of course, the drummer must be above the average too, which Tim Firth surely is. It’s very difficult to a drummer to play all those counter-times he does during the album. And the bass holds it all together firmly allowing them to shine even more.

How to label them? Jazzcore? Nope, too far from reality. Djent Jazz Metal? Please! Prog Metal? It fits much better!

Track listing:

  1. Tense
  2. Gain Wave
  3. Bear Attack
  4. Rock Paper Scissors
  5. Hard Lander Part 1
  6. Hard Lander Part 2
  7. In A Way
  8. Jake’s Mower
  9. Too Loud Enough

Watch “Bear Attack” video here: