Scottish Metal/Hardcore Band HOSTAGE Unveil Debut Track “Abandoned”


Scottish Metal/Hardcore band HOSTAGE have dropped their incredible debut single “Abandoned”.

The five piece, based all over Scotland, formed in late August/early September. Vocalist Dean Morrison and producer Kieran Smith started on the song before the band joined to begin recording.


Dean Morrison – Vocals
Ryan Berwick – Bass
Johnny Brooks – Lead/Rhythm Guitarist
Richard Innes – Lead/Rhythm Guitarist
Mikey Fleming – Drums

The track was Co-Written, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Kieran Smith.
Video and Artwork are courtesy of Craig O’Neill.

Dean Morrison tells me, “Abandoned is the debut. We are currently working on our tracking post production for our EP (which is still unnamed) before we fire into the studio properly.”

They are ready for bookings in the UK in 2016.

Be sure to listen to Abandoned below:

With thanks to:

Kieran Smith

Craig O’Neill



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