SEA SLEEPER Show ‘Nostophobia’

Sea Sleeper are a Portland metal band with a healthy passion for death and post metal. Their unique sound derived from bands like Gorguts and Gojira or even Mastodon and Blut Aus Nord. They meld a variety of genres but remain wonderfully coherent. Sea Sleeper formed, as all good bands do, out of the primordial ooze of the local scene. This trio are dudes who had played in bands together for more than a decade and felt like it was time to trim the fat and collaborate as just the three of them. To work together on crafting something far more powerful, pointing towards a thrilling new horizon.

Their debut single, ‘Nihilism’ has garnered a sizable number of listens and new followers. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Sea Sleeper were quick to reach out to their community and organize a benefit comp that raised money in relief funds for music promoters. With their unique sound, the demand for their music and their dedication to the scene, Sea Sleeper are rapidly gearing up towards a bold future as one of their regions premier heavy acts. Their devotion to the underground is an attitude guaranteed to take them far.

Now, Sea Sleeper are gearing up to release their first full length. The band has been hard at work crafting a record that builds on their early promise. Given that they want to play together until they die, they view this first release together as just one step in what promises to be a long sonic heritage. Dedicated to the community and with a relentless work ethic Sea Sleeper is committed to reaching new heights even in the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their new music is a massive step forward and celebrates a decade of hard work, discipline and death metal.

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