SEBASTIAN BACH Says That His ‘A**holes’ Comment During Detroit Outburst Wasn’t Directed At SKID ROW

SEBASTIAN BACH Calls Out A Fan For Wearing SKID ROW Shirt From Later Era On His Concert

Sebastian Bach clarified that his “a**holes” comment during his Detroit concert (June 4) was aimed at his former bandmates from his pre-SKID ROW group, MADAM X.

His outburst started after someone yelled out “SKID ROW“, to which Sebastian quickly fired back with: “Yeah, that’s the band that kicked me out. Yeah, killer. Great. F**king a**holes.”

Later in the show, Bach expressed displeasure with someone in the crowd wearing a SKID ROW shirt from a period after he had left the band.

“I’m fascinated by this shirt right here,” he said. “This is SKID ROW with what number singer? Seven? Eight? Nine? What number is that guy? Huh? What number? Is that replacement number seven? Or number eight? Or number nine? And before you say, ‘Well they don’t have nine,’ I can f**king name every f**king one of them. How do you even wear that? It’s like, ridiculous. Is that the guys from DRAGONFORCE? Or f**king TNT? Or whatever the f**k. F**king embarrassing.”

Last night, Bach shared Blabbermouth’s article adding the following message: “‘BACH BLASTS MADAM X, Celebrates 35 Years of the 1st Album Skid Row’ is the actual title of what happened that show. Instead of tripping over yourself to put words in my mouth that I mever said why dont u get the story straight for once”

He continued: “Daily Horses**t. Hey Internet the horses**t never stops! Last night in Detroit I was confronted by a dude proudly wearing a MADAM X shirt. A band, whom, as you can read in my book, spit in my face & kicked me out when I was 16 years old. So I commented on that. Not mad at the guy for wearing it but not thrilled at staring at it either. Then there was some goof ball wearing a SKID FAUX shirt staring at his phone in the front row the whole show thinking somehow that would be appropriate. If you’re gonna wear a SKID ROW shirt to my show, it would be appropriate to sport the Original SKID ROW. Not some other band that lasted 6 months or whatever. The music we celebrate at these shows has lasted the test of time for 35 years and will do so forever. That is what these shows are about. Come celebrate 35 years of the 1st Album Skid Row with us. But realize this is a real rock show and you never know what’s gonna happen”.

In a recent interview with Joe Rock from Long Island’s rock station 102.3 WBABBach was asked about the likelihood of a reunion for SKID ROW‘s classic lineup.

“I do, but when I read myself talk about this, I kind of cringe ’cause it’s not up to me, Bach responded. “Those guys are currently on their eighth or ninth replacement for me. And there’s been a miscommunication from my camp to theirs that I will attempt to clear up, but I am way too focused on what I’m doing in my career to even really even think about that right now, to be honest with you. I’m just not thinking about the old days right now. I’m thinking about the fact that I’ve got a new song on the radio. ‘What Do I Got To Lose?’ is on FM radio across the country. That video is almost two million views in 2024. And in my day, two million views was double platinum. [Laughs] So, I’m not thinking about 1989; I’m not thinking about 1991.’

“I am overjoyed to hear my voice on the radio in 2024,” he continued. “That is more important to me than thinking about what happened in ’91. I just don’t think about that, really. Not to say that I wouldn’t get the band back together, but I’m just focused like a laser beam on what I’m doing right now. So that’s gonna have to take a back seat, like for real. This is more interesting to me. My album, the way it sounds and the reaction that people are giving it is more exciting and interesting, and creating new music instead of just playing the same old songs over and over. I love having new songs to play, even though I haven’t learned how to play them yet. [Laughs]”