SEBASTIAN BACH Says ‘Voting For DONALD TRUMP Makes You The Complete F**king Idiot’

Sebastian Bach

Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach has once again blasted President Donald Trump and his supporters as “complete f*cking idiots.”

Back made his comments in response to a tweet from rock legend David Crosby who wrote that “almost half the country is embracing ignorance and racism as a life philosophy…they don’t read …they don’t value education at all …they claim to be religious but don’t act like Christians at all …they are basically quite stupid …and don’t know it.”

Another Twitter user to chime in with “Alienating half the country is a brilliant career move.” Less than a minute later, Bach fired back with “Voting for Donald Trump makes you the complete f*cking idiot.”

Last month, Bach also slammed Trump supporters by posting that “The only person more asinine than this person is someone stupid enough to vote for this person.”