SEBASTIAN BACH Slams CHRIS JERICHO: ‘I’m As Much Of A Wrestler As He Is A Singer’

Sebastian Bach Chris Jericho

In a recent interview with Metal Hammer magazine, Sebastian Bach was asked if he would ever participate in a “sing-off” with FOZZY‘s frontman and wrestling superstar Chris Jericho.

“The better question would be, will he do a wrestle-off with Sebastian Bach? Because I’m as much of a wrestler as he is a singer,” Bach responded.

In 2020, Bach slammed Jericho over allegations that the FOZZY frontman uses pre-recorded vocal tracks during live performances.

Bach initially accused Jericho of “miming to a tape” at FOZZY concerts in a social media post. In response, the wrestler-turned-rocker insisted that he had “never mimed anything ever” and challenged Bach to a “singoff” with “no effects, no tuning, no bullsh*t”, saying “Bas is a great singer…but I’m better.”

Over the following months, Bach repeatedly mentioned Jericho‘s alleged lip-syncing, most recently in a January 2021 interview with The Aquarian Weekly. He said at the time: “I have an open mind about everyone. If I read on that some band says, ‘We’re the future of rock ‘n’ roll and we are the next thing after THE ROLLING STONES,’ I think, this must be incredible! What have I been missing out on? So, I checked out one video during which the singer was 100% miming to a tape on stage at The Rockpile in Toronto. I thought to myself, ‘That’s weird, that’s not the next ROLLING STONES.’ So, I watch another video where he was opening up for NICKELBACK in an arena and, again, he’s miming to a tape. You can go watch it for yourself. Then someone said, ‘Here’s a clip of him singing live. Legit, bro.’ And it’s him miming to a tape again. It’s crazy obvious. It is not my opinion, it’s fact. It is not me starting a fight. But don’t tell me what singing live is, ’cause I have never used tape. I don’t even know how to do that.”

Jericho‘s most recent public response to Bach‘s criticism occurred in a tweet from January 2021. He wrote at the time: “I’ve been told that @sebastianbach continues to go out of his way to bury me. My response is this…be my guest! You are entitled to ur opinion & it doesn’t affect me either way. I still dig ur work on the first 3 @OfficialSkidRow albums & look forward to ur new record.”