Second Line Parade – There’s a Presence Here…

While some embrace the change, others stay stuck in the good old past refusing any trace of the so-called modernity. Second Line Parade with “There’s a Presence Here…” belongs to the later. “There’s a Presence Here…” would be top notch music about forty years ago with its delicious and sharp Blues Rock with touches of Southern Rock. It is impossible not to mention the flavor of the great and unforgetable Janis Joplin not only because of singer Stefanie Nicholson, but also because of the music they decided to play. Last track “The Wicked (A Cappella)” reminds a lot “Mercedes Bens” due to the aforementioned a capella. Of course, bluesy structures lead the album as in “Steel Rail” with the delicious harmonica and so bluesy cadenced that makes us trip. By the way, did you know that Black Sabbath used the harmonica in their debut album in “The Wizard”?

The mood in “There’s a Presence Here…” is varied as their late 1960s and early 1970s peers when bands allowed themselves to experiment some more. There are heavy rock songs as opening track “Getaway” and rhythm and blues piano driven tracks as “Blood” with the girlish chorus. The album is a real travel to the past without any trace of modernity as some bands like to add – their choice, of course. Second Line Parade’s made their own which is to sound the most real as possible. Following track “Sick’n’Stoned” has the same mood and Led Zepellin’s “Dazed and Confused” but with the great Janis Joplin on vocals. I don’t have to say that the outcome is outstanding and out of this world – only to stick to ‘out’. The chordly guitars and the sweet and bluesy keyboards give the special touch to it. It’s great to notice and Folk Metal bands could learn from them how to subtle and delicate use the fiddle as in “Midnight’s Cry” whose effect sounds just great. Some magic can’t be easyly forgotten. This kind of music can’t simply disappear. Blues Rock has still a lot to burn.

You my metalhead friend may ask why we from Metal Addicts – a real Metal page – review bands like Second Line Parade and their so far from Heavy Metal music. It’s simple as I always say. This kind of music though so far from Metal is Metal’s grandparents. Metal is the evolution of this kind of music. Simple as that. Moreover, it’s a kind of music that metalheads from the 1980s, as I am, used to listen. Of course, not all of us. Even then there were metalheads that started with Metal and used to listen only to Metal. Don’t have to say that most of them are listening to Rihanna nowadays. Or worse.

By the way, very mistique and proper cover.

Second Line Parade “There’s a Presence Here…” was independently released on October 5th.

Track Listing:

  1. Getaway
  2. Steel Rail
  3. Blood
  4. Sick N’ Stoned
  5. Judgement Day
  6. The Wicked
  7. Midnight’s Cry
  8. Love Me Like That
  9. Believer
  10. Move Along
  11. The Wicked (A Capella)

Watch “Getaway” official lyric video here: