Second Sun – Eländes Elände

One of the most rewarding thing here is to receive all kinds of heavy music. Most of it is Heavy Metal, about 95%, but this 5% is amazing. We have received genres that I absolutely though no one was making as heavy rock and psychedelic rock. Though some albums are too far from Metal Addicts’ proposal – Heavy Metal, okay? – we respectfully review most of them. Yeah, right! We don’t think only HM is great – well, as a matter of fact it is. Mostly, all genres in any way related to Metal are reviewed here. The most common is art rock, or as most people use to call, progressive rock due to its closeness to Metal. I dare to say that we’d love to receive more pure art rock. I like it a lot.

Well, let’s get back to the subject of today’s review that is Second Sun com “Elaendes Elaende.” Second Sun are an art rock band with many elements of psychedelic and space rock. An explosive mix, I must say in terms of creativity because it leaves an ample verve to explore may musical ways. Second Sun do that. There are songs from proto-metal to the most psychedelic rock possible, and everything in between. The outcome is an album full of personality, even so because they sing in Swedish. There are even moments of some jazzy riffs to get very near what was called in past as jazz rock as in “Forneka Allt” (Deny Everything). A bit heavier than standard jazz rock, but though with many elements of it. The 1970ish keyboards in “Noll Respekt” (Zero Respect) save the day. Very nice tones. It is good to hear a guitar full of chorus again. The effect is so nice.

Swedish sounds very cool with Second Sun. I say that because it’s not every language that fits okay with rock. “Elaendes Elaende” are a band that works with lots of creativity in their riffing. That’s an effect of the open mind to explore an ample sonance. Roots are roots, but bands do benefit from a more ample variety of sonances. To be a sell out is another very different thing. Listen to the riffing of “Enda Sunda Maenniskan i Vaerlden” (Even Sundays in the World”) and check it out what I am saying. Lots of changes of pace and tempo.

“Elaendes Elaende” was a very pleasant album to listen. I dare you to do so.

Second Sun “Elaendes Elaende” will be released on September 21st via Gaphals.

Track Listing:

  1. Vems Fel
  2. Förneka Allt
  3. Noll Respekt
  4. Sång Till En Slagen Kämpe
  5. Enda Sunda Människan i Världen
  6. Ingen Tid För Allting
  7. Du Ska Se Att Det Blir Sämre
  8. Det Betyder Allt
  9. Panikångestattack
  10. Eländes Elände

Watch “Noll Respekt” official video here: