Second to Sun – The First Chapter

a1012882067_10  Ever hear some nice instrumental music and think how awesome it’d be if there were a good instrumental metal band? Yes, I know, there are those out there in the various sub-genres, but I mean straight metal with no sort of classification as to what sub-genre it belongs to. That sort of thing is exactly what Second to Sun is. Their newest album, “The First Chapter”, is a real testament as to how awesome a band can really be without a set of vocals to help propel songs forward and help everything progress. The seven tracks off the album (not including two bonus tracks) are filled to the very brim with intense, fast paced everything that really get the heads banging and the feet tapping to the excellent rhythms that you never saw coming. And if you’re like me before hearing “The First Chapter” and think that the album would get boring or even start to sound the same after a while, worry not because each track has their own, unique and creative ways to help the music progress and keep your attention gripped the whole time. Whether it be the subtle introduction of electronic beeps and boops in the background or massively entertaining riffs and grooves, Second to Sun somehow manage to keep the energy high and not slip up even once. If there were ever to be an ideal instrumental metal album for anyone who just wanted to chill to something heavy and not worry about vocals or anything else, “The First Chapter” is a fantastic place to start. Second to Sun show that you don’t need vocals to make a record awesome, and they do so with the best possible results in every single way.

You can purchase “The First Chapter” via iTunes here, and stream it on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. Spirit of Kusoto
  2. Red Snow
  3. Me or Him
  4. Land of the Fearless Birds
  5. The Blood Libel
  6. Narcat
  7. Virgo Mitt
  8. Chokk Kapper (Bonus Track)
  9. Narcat (Bonus Track) [Demo Version]